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Firad Injector Nozzle For PD 2.0L 16V 1287+ 120%+

firad injector nozzle for pd 2.0L 16V (pumpdeuse) tdi engine. price is for a set of 4 nozzles.

CAD $ 499.99

FIRAD injector nozzle for PD 2.0L 16V (Pump deuse) for Bosch injectors TDI engine.

Price Is For A Set Of 4 Nozzles.

Power range is an approximative value as all setups are different:

Firad +120% 330hp +


PD nozzles installation is not a DIY job , you will need special tooling to make a good installation, trying to Do-it-yourself can result in breaking injector internal parts.

You can add the installation service to your order, we offer same day installation when your injectors comes in.

Brand : Mec Evo
Price : CAD $ 499.99
Application Guide : Volkswagen / BKD / AZV (MK5)

Firad Injector Nozzle For PD 2.0L 16V 1287+  120%+

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